Small Group Adventures

Experience the thrill of the great outdoors with our private Small Group Adventure packages.

Adventure Awaits With Our Group Excursions!

Immerse yourself in the exhilaration of nature with our privately guided Small Group Adventure Packages. Embark on a journey through unforgettable guided adventures including paddling, cycling, hiking, climbing, camping, and more. Led by our seasoned guides, your group will discover breathtaking landscapes of the Upper Delaware Region, offering an unparalleled outdoor experience for all. Northeast Wilderness Experience invites both avid explorers and new adventurers eager to embrace the wilderness we call home.


Discover the beauty of our pristine Pocono and Catskill waterways with the support of our professional paddling guides. Our highly experienced, water rescue and first aid trained guides are excited to share the skills and knowledge to allow your group to enjoy your aquatic adventure through our award winning waters. We offer a range of privately guided trips and vessels to suit your style, including solo and tandem kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, rafts, and tubes.


Explore the highlights of the Upper Delaware Region’s vast wilderness with the support of our professional guides who know it best! Our guides are highly experienced, first aid trained in remote settings, and fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to empower your group in exploring nature’s wonders. We offer a curated range of privately guided day hikes in a variety of settings, including state parks, wild forests, and little known gems to suit all hikers.


Ride off the beaten path and enjoy our extensive network of quiet, peaceful backroads and trails with the support of our skilled cycling guides. Our highly experienced, medically and mechanically trained guides are ready to share the knowledge and skills to help your group pedal through paradise.We offer a range of privately guided routes to suit all riders, as well as professionally maintained rental bikes to facilitate your fun.


Experience the thrill of outdoor climbing up and rappelling down natural features with the instruction of our professional climbing guides! Our guides are highly experienced, first aid trained in remote settings, and fully equipped with the gear and knowledge to safely show you the ropes, allowing your group to fully embrace your inner mountain goats. We offer a range of privately guided climbing opportunities to suit beginner climbers as well as professionally maintained gear to safely introduce you to the sport.

Why choose us for your outdoor experience?

  • Your group is our sole focus on all of our Small Group Adventures, as a privately guided program we are able to tailor to your specific needs.
  • Save time and hassle by letting us do the work to make your adventure stress free.
  • Our programs are guided from start to finish, so your group will always be in the hands of our professional staff.
  • Our knowledge is ready to serve you, from our medical certifications, to our gear experience, to our innate knowledge of the terrain and conditions where we call home

Multi-Day Adventures

Fully embrace your wild side with the support of our professional guides on a privately guided multi-day adventure, on foot, by bike, or by boat! Let us use our expertise and passion for the outdoors to prepare you for and guide your next backpacking, bikepacking, or multi-day paddling trip, offered in varied distances and terrain to suit all adventurers. Our guides are wilderness first aid certified and deeply knowledgeable on the Pocono and Catskill trails and waterways we call home, allowing your group to focus on the exciting journey ahead.

Self-Guided Trip Plans/Packages

Looking to explore under your own steam? We are excited to share our local knowledge and support to help you experience our outdoor playground, through shuttle services, camping, routes, itineraries, skills clinics, rental gear, and a healthy dose of stoke to empower your adventure.

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