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Your Gateway to Adventure in the Northern Poconos

Northeast Wilderness Experience (NEWE)

At NEWE, we’re not just an adventure company; we’re a community of outdoor enthusiasts deeply connected to the pristine landscapes of Northeast Pennsylvania. Our commitment to environmental stewardship drives us to protect and preserve the beauty of our home in Honesdale, PA, and the surrounding region. As a community of adventurers, we’re dedicated to sharing our love for the great outdoors with both visitors and locals alike. Join us in celebrating the natural wonders of Northeast Pennsylvania, embracing the spirit of adventure, and forging lifelong connections with the environment and fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Get ready to embark on unforgettable adventures with Northeast Wilderness Experience.

Tailored Group Adventures: Your Unique Outdoor Experience

Our core goal at NEWE is to provide a unique group adventure experience that stands out from the rest. With 15 years of experience working with regional sleepover summer camps, day camps, schools, private organizations, and corporate events, NEWE is your trusted partner for unforgettable group adventures. Safety is our top priority, and our experienced guides ensure your group’s well-being. From transportation to logistics, equipment management to educational opportunities, we guide you through every step to create an adventure that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Meet Your Adventure Team:

Our team at NEWE is a passionate group of adventure enthusiasts who live and breathe the great outdoors. With a deep connection to Northeast Pennsylvania, we are dedicated to sharing our love for nature and adventure with you. Each member of our team brings a wealth of experience, knowledge of the local landscape, and a commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

Dan Corrigan
Owner – Northeast Wilderness Experience & Sawmill Cycles

Through decades of experience in planning and leading outdoor programs in every manner imaginable, Dan is the perfect leader to bring the trips of your dreams to reality. As the business has grown under his leadership, his dedication and passion for inspiring experiences in the outdoors has followed suit. An avid paddler and mountain biker himself, Dan is deeply knowledgeable of the Upper Delaware Region he loves and is honored to share it with others.

Jeff McLaine
Guide – Northeast Wilderness Experience | Manager – Sawmill Cycles

An endless source of knowledge, Jeff loves talking gear almost as much as he does using it on his incredible adventures. When not working in the shop, the next places to look for Jeff are in the woods on his mountain or gravel bikes, on the water aboard his beloved SUP, or in the ocean catching waves on his surfboard. He is down to guide any adventure, with the Wilderness First Responder certification and decade’s experience to back it up.

Our Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

At NEWE, our adventures are more than just thrilling experiences; they’re also opportunities to promote environmental stewardship. We’re deeply committed to preserving the natural beauty of Northeast Pennsylvania that we call home. Our adventures are designed to leave the environment better than we found it, and we actively engage in conservation efforts to protect our region’s pristine landscapes.

A Legacy of Adventure

NEWE’s journey began with a profound love for the Northern Poconos and a vision to share its beauty with the world. Over the years, our adventure company has evolved and expanded, but our commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship has remained constant. We’ve spent neary 20 years collaborating with regional summer camps, schools, organizations, and corporate events, providing unique outdoor experiences that create lasting memories. Safety, education, and unforgettable experiences are at the heart of everything we do. We are your go-to outfitter for adventure in Northeast Pennsylvania.

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